"Impossible!" said the fact. "Try it!" whispered the dream.



2020 als Herzensprojekt gegründet, ist Funkenbunt inzwischen ein erfolgreiches Labelfür individuelle hochwertige Papeterie.

Die Inhaberin von Funkenbunt, Tanja Täuber, beim Aquarell malen
Tanya Tauber

About the owner

I painted my first real picture when I was 4 years old. Or so. You don't know exactly anymore. At that age, the boundaries between doodles and art are blurred. It was fun, crooked and colourful. I've always preferred colorful to grey.

My career aspirations were clear, I wanted to create something. But it was just as clear: Isn't this art without a profit? So I decided to pursue a reasonably sensible career path.

So like this: Abitur, studies (in interior design), in between jobs as a shoe seller and in an agency (for design), diploma, then showed flexibility and improvisation talent for years in trade fair construction, finally started a family. Realized that family and old job don't go together.

Bought watercolors. There was something? Bought paper and brushes. This helps. Painted, crumpled, painted, discarded. And then rediscovered a new old passion.